My Love for Wildlife and Birdlife

Edwin Selempo - Artist and Safari Guide
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My love for nature started through testing it, catching a bee on a flower and getting stung, awe struck watching those astonishing colors on a starling, onwards my quest to learn what things are, how they come to be and the various ways they impact and relate to our lives has never ceased, giving me an endless inquisitive drive to understand and appreciate this world that we live in.

Two of my Childhood friends were Artists, a teacher and a neighbor, I remember how thrilled I was in realizing that I could also draw. Whenever I saw anything unusual I would draw it and show it to my parents and friends, saying this is what that lion looked like

My Watercolors and pen and ink illustrations have appeared on scientific journals, conservation publications and educational material and feature in the books; Important Bird areas of Kenya, and Important Bird areas of Uganda in conjunction with Nature Kenya and the department of Ornithology of the National Museums of Kenya.

I am Professional Safari guide with Origins Safaris. I spend most of the days in my studio when not on safari.

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